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I am a Product Enthusiast with 8 years of experience in product development, management and design ranging from telecom to multimedia and from IT solutions to enterprise healthcare platform.  I'm specialized in empathizing with users and passionate about utilizing the power of AI techniques for good. Check out my work and drop me a line!

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The one thing which impressed me is the Big4 consultant level research and delivery of the innovation process while working as a student consultant.

Bill Gaussa, Head of Innovation, Philips HealthTech


He is a rare combination of AI, design and healthcare expertise. Deepak is a great team player who strives to deliver with a focus on the end customers. His presence in the team makes me feel confident in front of our clients.

Daniel Wilks, AI and Analytics, Highmark Health


Deepak is a person I turn to for advice as to how to harness the power of thought process of people around you.

Dibyajyoti Panda, Cisco and AWS


Deepak's attitude towards work, his leadership qualities and his people skills, makes him the best fit for any organisation.

Anjani Kumar, Samsung R&D


A package of analytical, programming, design and leadership skills - that's Deepak.

Sajeesh Sidharthan, Samsung R&D


I see a continuous learner and influencer in him. Through the project together, I have seen in him, a zeal of perfection and attention to detail.

Anonymous, Katz Business School (UPitt)


Deepak is enthusiastic, driven and diligent.He is very empathetic and dissolving as a person and a friend. These skills make him a great team player at any given time.

Bikash Agrawal, Samsung R&D

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About Me
My Resume
2019 - Now

Highmark Health Solutions

Highmark offers an Enterprise Healthcare Platform which offers an end-to-end solution for any health insurance company. I steered multiple healthcare technology projects driving the strategy, roadmap design and AI enablement for the products.
2018 - 2018

philips HealthTech

At Philips HealthTech in Pittsburgh, I consulted with the innovation team and provide the recommendation to accelerate their innovation process and bring quality into their innovation. This took 17 in-person interviews from leading innovation firms like GE and 3M and hundreds of hours of research to come to a solid conclusion.
pROduct innovation CONSULTANT
2018 - 2018

The Hershey Company

As an Intern, I had the flexibility to executed two projects - first was leading a team to provide solutions for Hershey to boost online impulse and the second was suggesting the IS department to pursue a selected AI-powered RPA tech to improve their productivity and improve the bottom line.
Graduate intern
2017 - 2019

University of Pittsburgh

As a graduate student, I executed multiple live projects, made the life-long connections and pushed myself over the limits to learn some unforgettable lessons which shaped me as a person and sharpened my business and professional skills in general.
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science
2011 - 2017

Samsung R&D bangalore

This was the time when I was deeply into technology, engaging all my energy in creating something delightful and interesting for the end-users. Here, I was introduced to the world of AI  and Samsung's AI enabled voice assistant - Bixby.
TECHNICAL Product manager
2007 - 2011

RV College of Engineering

This was my first step into the world far from home where I learned more about living a social life and less about Computer Science and Engineering:)
Computer science and ENGINEERING

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