Non-Profit Educational Consulting

Lack of proper guidance and a multitude of fake consulting companies that just charge a hefty amount for generic guidance inspired me to do something for students who are meritorious and cannot pay that amount.

My Role
4 Years
Skills Used and Nurtured
Instilling multicultural communication and collaboration, philanthropy, time management, prioritization
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The Challenge

  • How to find and recruit students who are legit, are really in need and are financially challenged.
  • Once I get them all together how to instill trust and create an environment of trust among each other so that they help each other as well.
  • How to motivate them to work harder in a direction which they have not thought of before.
  • How to help them in building confidence and spoken skills to compete in the space where many students network and get hired based on their great spoken skills only.

The Process

I can call myself as the program manager for non-profit initiative. My connections suggested me that I can call it as a startup since all the components of a startup are involved starting from hiring to estimating and from arranging logistics to setting up the system and trust and from nurturing your product and services to finally delivering the end product which is sharp full-fledged successful professional. However, since this was not for earning and I did not go to any investor or I did not have any corporate structure, I do not call it as a startup. I just call it an initiative!

I posted ads and conducted Interviews to select few needy and passionate candidates who were financially challenged and misguided in their career. Operated a housing service where all those candidates can live and learn together and grow together in their career. Guided the residents at each checkpoints of their upliftment and used my network to familiarize them with corporate culture and helped them in gaining the skills and finding a respectful job. Half of the current hiring mostly happens based on referrals and other half from Facebook targeted Ads.

The Impact

  • Gained expertise in multicultural people management skills. Got expert at motivating the team even in cases of failure
  • Satisfaction, that I gave back to the community
  • Learned about multicultural thought process and perspectives
  • Built-up 14 professional from almost scratch in around 5 years
  • Built life-long relationships