Content Management (Samsung R&D)

The content management module is used to manage a variety of files and folders containing data ranging from media to documents and from credentials to app-data.

My Role
Senior Software Engineer
1 Year
Skills Used and Nurtured
Programming in C and C++, UI creation, Database management, Linux
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The Challenge

  • Complex restrictions of authorization and privacy checkpoints.
  • Maintain a clean and organized memory stack.
  • To create a standard way of organizing data for future developers to follow and enhance.
  • Documentation and explanation of complex architecture in simple understandable manner for a new comer.

The Process

This was an ongoing enhancement project. Since Samsung is an product based company, the projects were not executed like a service based company style. This was my first corporate assignment after my undergrad. I was assigned under an already ongoing work efforts which was to improve the speed of access and create a new organization of content so that it is easier to maintain and provide access to required stakeholders. In other words, I had to setup a new Identity access management system for all kind of content in Samsung's Tizen smartphones.

I implemented multiple small stories of the main task using C and C++ wherever required and provided an understandable structure to the IAM for multimedia applications. Along with development in Linux command line and data structures, I also did the developer testing to ensure the quality.

The Impact

  • It had huge impact on privacy and maintenance of file systems. It helped in maintaining the privacy or user and user’s data and keep the information limited to user until the user wants it to share it.
  • The IAM structure that I created was considered a standard for future reference and to provide similar structure for similar applications like video telephony and camera app.