Spiritual consulting and event management (ISKCON)

The concept of Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is fast emerging as the next big aspect of scientific study as it directly correlates to a person's awareness and consciousness. It helps tremendously in coping up and do away with modern problems of depression, hypertension, and managing relationships in society.

My Role
Spiritual consultant and event manager
4 years
Skills Used and Nurtured
Leadership skills, Oratory skills, Motivational speaking, event management
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The Challenge

  • First, it was a challenge for me to understand the spiritual aspect of life considering that I had never thought from this perspective.
  • It is really difficult to try to understand things which you have to believe first and try next, and get the confirmation that yes it is right.
  • Next, it was another level of communication complexity to explain things that you cannot give a demo that too especially to the employees in a corporate setting.

The Process

The complete content had to be changed and communication medium had to be masked to not talk about any spiritual stuff in the very beginning and provide more and more scientific proofs and cite scientific sources.

I curated the whole content in a 6 half and hour course and started the first experiment with my spiritual mates but not in a corporate setting. They provided me comments as if I was presenting them in their companies. I re-curated the content and finally presented in Samsung. This not only helped me in gaining more corporate connections but also improved my understanding of the how spiritual quotient can be directly related to your performance in the corporate realm.

Moreover, after reaching to a number of 50 attendees in every event, I planned to introduce the participants to the actual spiritual realm. I learned that the curation of information delivery method through physical, digital and passive methods is the best way to "actually" communicate a message across to your target population. Just a one sided communication is not sustainable. The participants were involved in all kinds of activities that I curated and arranged for two days during a trip to the lap of nature.

Accounting the feedback that I received, I started doing this more often for varied group of people in corporates and educational institutions.

The Impact

  • This directly related to the way that we set up a hypothesis and then we test that hypothesis to check that whether that is true or not.
  • It helped me in completely unlearning few things things and think from a different perspective which I had never thought or imagined about.
  • I was featured Samsung internal magazine.
  • Later I was elected to join the Samsung's editorial committee for the Samsung magazine.
  • This also helped me in boosting up my connection and positioning me as a trustworthy colleague.
  • It opened ways for multiple participants to try and dive deep into the spiritual realm and understand that it can not only be done in parallel with the corporate life but also makes the professional and personal life more balanced and efficient.
  • Overall, this helped me in understanding that if you really want to communicate your idea across the table, it takes more than just orating from the stage. Involving your audience in the physical experience related to that idea increases the chances of retention.